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Soup, soup, a tasty soup, soup

Today’s post is brought to you by p-p-p-p-p-p-procrastination.

Soup #1: Alphabet soup

Alphabet soup

Alphabet soup

I recently purchased Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup Mix in an attempt to broaden my dietary range of proteins. It is a simple mix of “green split peas, yellow split peas, barley, lentils and vegetable pasta”. If you do not have to worry about cross-contamination, I would suggest making your own mix from bulk goods to save a little money.

Ingredients (2 servings):


1. Sauté onions and garlic until transparent. (I did this with water instead of oil.)
2. Add water or broth, tomato, other vegetables and the soup mix. Bring the mixture to a boil.
3. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 60 minutes.
4. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Other vegan vegetable soup recipes:

Soup #2: Black bean soup

Black bean soup

Black bean soup

Black beans are an excellent source of both protein and fibre. Although black beans and other legumes are an incomplete source of protein, one can easily combine them with grains to form an excellent source of complete protein.

Ingredients (2 servings):

  • ½ c onion, coarsely chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 c black beans, canned
  • 1 tomato, coarsely chopped
  • 1 c zucchini, cubed
  • ½ c corn
  • 1 c water or vegetable broth
  • 3 T nutritional yeast
  • 1 t cumin
  • garlic salt and peper
  • ½ avocado


1. Sauté onions and garlic until transparent. (I did this with water instead of oil.)
2. Add the beans and a little bit of water. Fry for a few minutes.
3. Add water or broth, tomato, other vegetables, cumin and 2 T’s of yeast. Bring the mixture to a boil.
4. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 30-45 minutes.
5. Add remaining yeast. Add salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with avocado slices.

Other black bean soup recipes:

– Aly

Articles of interest:

PS Let me know if you have an awesome soup recipe that should be included!


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Vegan broccoli rice au gratin

Here is my veganized version of broccoli rice au gratin:

Vegan broccoli rice au gratin:

Preheat the oven to 350 F. Prepare rice and set aside. Bring water to a boil and add onion. Add the broccoli once the onion has become translucent. Cook the onion and broccoli for 2-3 minutes and then add the potato leek soup, nutritional yeast, soy cheese and garlic powder. Lower the heat and stir until well-mixed. Stir in the rice and pour resulting mixture in to a casserole dish. Bake the mixture for 30 minutes. Serves 2.

Vegan broccoli rice au gratin

So "cheesy"!

It was very savoury and had an excellent smooth and “cheesy” texture. The nutritional yeast provides an excellent boost of vitamin b12 and protein!


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Brussels sprouts and caramelized onion

Although this may not be the most photogenic or time efficient dish, it is quite a tasty one!

My method was fairly standard and modified from the following recipes which I found online:

Brussels sprouts and caramelized onion

1 T vegetable oil
1 onion, quartered and evenly sliced (not too thick)
1 c Brussels sprouts, outside leaves removed and thinly sliced
½ t sea salt
1 T balsamic vinegar
½ t black pepper
¼ c kidney beans (optional)

1. Begin to caramelize the onion in a large non-stick pan. Online tutorials here and here. Keep pan at medium-high temperature. Be sure to monitor the onion pieces carefully and stir fairly regularly to make sure that they do not burn. Do not rush! (Note: I attempted to do this without oil, and it took significantly longer as I had to wait for the water to evaporate before the caramelization process began.)
2. Stir in the sea salt.
3. As the onions begin to brown, stir in the hashed Brussels sprouts.
4. When the onions and Brussels sprouts are both completely caramelized, stir in the vinegar, black pepper, and kidney beans. (Note: many of the recipes I found for this dish included pistachios or almonds. I can not eat tree nuts and had to use a substitute. This recipe, which would require vegan modification, uses lentils.)

Makes enough for one incredibly delicious serving.

– Aly

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Curried butternut squash

Curried butternut squash on my Flickr
I bought a butternut squash for the first time last week and decided to make a curry based on recollections of the delicious curried squash sometimes included in the vegetable thali at Ceylonta, an Ottawa restaurant which specializes in Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine. In case you are also new to the wonderful world of butternut squash, I recommend checking this video out; it might make your peeling experience a little easier :). My recipe makes one large serving, and is a work in progress.

Curried butternut squash

1 t black mustard seeds
1 t cumin seeds
½ c onion, coarsely chopped
2 cloves garlic
1 t minced garlic (optional, unless you really dig garlic!)
½ T curry powder
1 t coriander powder
1 c butternut squash, cubed
2 baby potatoes, cubed (optional)
¼ c chickpeas
1 c spinach

1. I did not temper the spices in oil, but would suggest doing so if you would like to experience the full flavour of the black mustard and cumin seeds. Instead, I heated about a ¼ c of water (I used a small pot; use enough to cover the bottom of your pot or skillet), and added the black mustard and cumin seeds. If you are using oil, heat until the black mustard seeds begin to pop (this happens very quickly; be vigilant!).
2. Add the onions and garlic next and heat them until the onions become transparent. Watch the pot carefully, and add more water if necessary to avoid burning them.
3. Once the onions are ready, add approximately ½ c of water, the curry powder, coriander powder, squash and potatoes. Turn the heat to medium-low, and cook for 15-20 minutes.
4. Add the spinach and chickpeas, and cook for another five minutes.

I was on a real curry kick this week and decided to try out another curry for supper the next day.

This is a hybrid of the Happy Herbivore‘s Channa Palak Masala and Indian Spiced Chickpeas and Kale. It was so dang good, that I made it twice; once with chickpeas, and once with kidney beans. I used spinach on both occasions.

– Aly

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Wow, I’m a slacker

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks! There were a couple things driving that. First of all, my camera done busted. Actually, Microsoft Vista, in all it’s exceedingly user-unfriendly glory, stopped recognizing my camera. Second, life in Toronto is a rollercoaster of events, appointments, things, places, people, etc, and I haven’t had much time for cooking. Thirdly, I no longer have O.B. here to consume all of my experiments and so the fridge is slow to deplete. And fourthly, living in the suburbs, I can’t walk to the grocery store so my creative recipes (previously envisioned at work, planned on the way home, and prepared with a quick trip to the nearby grocery store) have sort of dried up.

Yet, I do still have SOME creations.. here we go :-)

Minestrone soup from here, garnished with pre-slivered carrots.

The first of many salads… I’ve sort of become a nutter over salads these days. Must be all the fresh produce.

Left, another salad creation using Byward Market vegetables (this was a couple weeks ago when I was in Ottawa) and Soy & Ginger salad dressing. The mixed greens are from a stand that sells bagged mixed salad with sprigs of dill (YUM!!!) for $2.50 a bag. On the right, oh god oh god oh god, I can’t even look at this soup without gagging. It’s Cream of Leek soup from the Bulk Barn which I bought because there was no cream in the ingredients… which is a little fucked up, don’t you think? Anyway it tasted ATROCIOUS, I had to brush my teeth for an hour afterwards. *Gag*

Speaking of the Byward Market, it was so great to see all the stalls open and all the produce out. I can’t wait to check out the St Lawrence Mkt in Toronto. Here are some Byward Market pics:

But anyway, back to the food:

I LOVE this green bean recipe. This recipe comes from my mother, who is kind enough to share the recipe:

Oriental Green Beans

1 ½ pounds green beans, trimmed
3 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp oriental sesame oil
1 tsp sugar
4 garlic cloves, minced (I use 1 teaspoon chopped garlic from jar

1. In a large pot of boiling water, cook green beans until just tender, 4-5 minutes.
2. While beans are cooking, in a small bowel combine soy sauce, oil and sugar; stir and set aside.
3. Drain beans, set aside.
Spray wok or skilled with nonstick cooking spray; place over medium heat. Add garlic; cook, stirring constantly, until softened, 20-30 seconds. Add green beans; cook, stirring and turning constantly, until well coated, about 2 minutes.
Add soy sauce mixture; continue to stir and turn until most of the liquid is absorbed, 1-2 minutes.

Again, with the salad creations:

I’ve become totally obsessed with mango/strawberry/dill-containing salads.

I like communal fridges for the variety of random salad ingredients found within. Here again, is another mixed green salad with mango, kiwi, strawberries, dill, sunflower seeds, papaya, and bean sprouts.

Rice paper rolls! AKA “Summer rolls”. I loooove these things, esp dipped in plum sauce.

Here’s what they look like being made:I ususally throw in avocado, slivered carrots and cucumber, cilantro, green onion, sprouts, pepper, etc.

A big stir-fry for some packed lunches, with my favourite noodle, UDON!! I also added grilled herbed tofu, frozen vegetables, VH Teriyaki sauces, and sweet thai chilli sauce.

Sorry for the blurry pic, but this is a slice of spinach-red pepper pizza from a downtown eatery (wish I could remember the name!).

That’s all for now! I’ll catch up on all your blogs later today.


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Tofu ‘n rice with spinach

I prepared this meal tonight to counteract my unpleasant experiences with too much psyllium. It is quite flavourful and filling with approximately 305 calories.

¼ c Lundberg Wehani rice
½ c water
¼ low sodium vegetable bouillon cube

Bring water to a boil with rice and bouillon cube. Cover and simmer for 45 minutes.

tofu block
2 T soy sauce
1 t garlic powder
1 t rosemary

Preheat oven to 400 F. Press the tofu between a cloth for about ten minutes and then marinate in soy sauce and spices for fifteen minutes. Bake for ten minutes, flip and then bake for another ten minutes.

¼ c water
½ small onion, finely chopped
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
⅛ c green onion
1 c baby spinach
1 t onion salt

Heat water in a frying pan at medium heat. Throw in the onion and garlic. Add the spinach once the onion pieces begin to turn translucent. Once the spinach has shrivelled, add the vegetable mixture to the rice and stir with onion salt. Place tofu on top and dig in. This was my first time trying Lundberg Wehani rice, a variant of basmati rice. It does indeed have a “nutty” taste and also has an pleasantly chewy texture. I definitely recommend it!

– Aly

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Oatmeal cookies

I love oats. I have steel cut oats for breakfast four or five times a week and I make oatmeal cookies far too frequently! I made the cookies pictured above as a farewell to reading week on Sunday. I made a similar version* for Nic’s birthday fairly recently as well.

Oatmeal cookies:

1 ½ c oats, large flake
1 c whole wheat flour
1 T cocoa powder
½ T baking powder
½ T baking soda
1 t ground flax seed
1 t cinnamon
1 t psyllium (optional)
1 t wheat germ
½ c unsweetened applesauce
c maple syrup (baking grade)
¼ c chocolate chips
¼ c raisins

Preheat oven to 350 F. Mix ingredients together. Spoon balls of cookie dough on to a lightly oiled baking sheet and flatten. Bake for 15 minutes.

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