Product Review: Enjoy Life Snack Bars

It has been awhile since my last post! Anyway, here I am!

With the deadline for my thesis quickly approaching, I have not had the energy or time for culinary experimentation. In an attempt to break the monotony of my diet and to find a quick energy fix (not an easy task when  living with a myriad of food allergies!), I picked up some Enjoy Life Snack Bars.

Enjoy Life Foods is a company dedicated to making products free of the most common U.S. food allergens (gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish). As a result, their products are also vegan-friendly. (Looking for allergy-safe and vegan friendly chocolate chips? Look no further! Available in Ottawa at Market Organics.) Unfortunately Enjoy Life products do tend to be a bit pricey – I was partially motivated to give the snack bars a chance because they were on sale.

Back to the snack bars! I tried out the “cocoa loco” and “sunbutter crunch” flavours.

barsunbutterko_smallThe sunbutter crunch bars are as “buttery” and rich as the name suggests. I would no’t call them crunchy though, especially in comparison to the granola bars I used to eat as a child. The texture was very chewy and quite enjoyable. The bars are more sweet than salty, which is alright with me! They have about 4 g’s of sugar per bar and more importantly, 3 g’s of protein.  They also have some B-vitamins, which may be lacking in a vegan diet without adequate supplementation. I found these bars more satisfying to eat after a workout than the chocolate ones.


The cocoa loco bars had a slightly grainier feel to them and were not as rich or “buttery” as the sunbutter crunch bars. I was slightly disappointed with them as they were not as chocolatey or sweet as I had expected based on the name and quantity of sugar (9 g’s per bar!). They also have less protein than the sunbutter flavour with only 2 g’s per bar. (The vitamin and mineral content are comparable.) I did not find them as satisfying or filling as the sunbutter crunch bars – this could be a  result of the slightly lower caloric and fat content, but I imagine it had more to do with the insufficient amount of chocolate.

The lack of pre-made snack bars out there for vegan food-allergy sufferers makes these bars seem absolutely fantastic! They are an extremely convenient and portable addition to any allergy-sufferer’s lunch bag (the bars are individually wrapped). I am not sure if they would satisfy someone with a larger appetite than mine though, as they are quite small (28 g per bar at 7 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.5 cm). Although I would recommend these to anyone with severe food allergies, I am not sure that these would be a valuable investment for everyone else due to their high cost and small size.

– Aly

Update: A vegetarian restaurant called “The Green Earth” opened in mid-February. The menu is supposedly 98% vegan.


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  1. 1

    VeggieGirl said,

    LOVE the Enjoy Life company – hooray for gluten-free, soy-free goodies!!

  2. 3

    Shelby said,

    I’ve never tried these but I keep seeing them and want to get them. Now I will =)

  3. 5

    Carrie said,

    I haven’t tried Enjoy Life, but they look good!

    Good luck on your thesis!

  4. 7

    I’ve seen those and considered buying them once when they were on sale. Now I’ll have to try that Sunbutter Crunch flavor. It sounds wonderful!

  5. 8

    Andrea said,

    The sunbutter crunch bars sound worth looking for. Our whole Foods sells Enjoy Life chocolate chips and I was buying them because they were the cheapest ones! Maybe they have the bars, too. Hope the thesis goes well.

  6. 9

    Theresa said,

    Sunbutter sounds great… is that Sunflower butter? If so, I would probably eat the whole box in one go.

    • 10

      Aly said,

      It is made from sunflower seed butter! You can view the ingredient list and other product information by clicking the images.

  7. 11

    shellyfish said,

    These sound so yummy – I love the way sunbutter sounds. Sunbutter, sunbutter, sunbutter. Is it just me? I wish I could find those here!

  8. 12

    blargh! said,


    pure chocolate is the way to go.

  9. 13

    yayyy for the Larabars!!! It’s SO awesome you got some just by professing your love for them! hahahahha it’s REALLY awesome actually!

    You always post such unique and yummy looking recipes it puts all us non-everyday cooks to shame!!! Keep it up!! We love it!

  10. 14

    Sharon said,

    Oh wow, I have never tried these before.

  11. 15

    Hi all,
    I came across your blog and comments while looking for SunButter recipes. As a blogger for SunButter, I’m always looking for new ways to use it in snacks, meals and of course desserts. SunButter is made with sunflower seeds (to which allergies are very, very rare). If you’re inclined, take a peek at our recipe box:

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