Restaurant Review: Live Organic Food Bar (Toronto, ON)

I’ve got a fair bit of food to post from the last couple of days.

This will probably be my last food post for a little while as I’m going on a trip! I am soooo very excited. Actually, it’s two trips that I coupled together to save airfare. First, Omnivore Boyfriend (O.B.) and I are headed to sunny Santa Cruz, California for a week of surfing. Surfing is my favourite sport (I’ve surfed in 3 different oceans) and I LOVE California so I really couldn’t be more ecstatic about this leg of the trip. I’m probably going to eat sandy tomato & cucumber sandwiches all week because I know there is a grocery store in town and I’m certainly not eating take-out for 7 days.
Next, O.B. is heading home, and I’m travelling solo to Canmore, Alberta, to meet up with a group from the Alpine Club of Canada for a week of scrambling/hiking in the Rocky Mountains. We’ll be staying in a cabin and the entire week is catered by a woman who, apparently, is possibly the most incredible chef I’ll ever encounter. She is aware of all of our food restrictions (including my veganism) and I’ve been told it’s not a problem, so I should have TONS of vegan-food pictures to post when I get back. (And of course, envy-inducing pictures of the Californian beaches and the Rocky Mountains).

So, onto the food! On a whim, I invited my omni Maritimer friend Mel out to a raw, vegan, organic food bar called Live. Mel admitted to having eaten vegan before only “accidentally”, but she was happy to have brunch at Live (bless her adventurous soul) and I’m delighted to report that she thoroughly enjoyed her meal.

My meal was mostly raw, I think, and gluten- and nut-free. I had the Cowboy Wrap and a blueberry-raspberry spritzer.

Mel had French Toast and a glass of juice, the name of which escapes me, but it contained fresh fruit juices.

The food was a bit pricey at Live but the food was all kinds of awesome. My Cowboy Wrap was filled with grilled tempeh, vegetables, and a southwestern sauce. Some places you go to for a meal (i.e. pubs, smaller restaurants) and you KNOW that just slap a Yves veggie burger onto a Dempster’s bun and bill you $11 for it? I got the feel at Live that everything was carefully prepared by hand. After all, most options are gluten-free and nut-free, requiring a high degree of diligence against contamination (a big problem in manufactured goods).

My rating for the Live Food Bar is 5 stars. I didn’t get a rating from Mel, an omnivore, but I think it resembled two thumbs up.

Hmmm… I just realized how tired I really am. I think I’ll save the rest of my pics for another post. So perhaps this isn’t my last food post after all. Happy Tuesday!



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  1. 1

    mel said,

    I believe it was called “In the Pink”, with apple, pear, beet, and ginger. And two thumbs up is a pretty fair assesment.

  2. 2

    VeggieGirl said,

    “My meal was mostly raw, I think, and gluten- and nut-free.” Stop right there!!! I’m sold on that restaurant, haha!!! :0D

  3. 3

    Have fun on your trips! They sound amazing!!! I’m partial to surfing, I think it is one of the funnest things you could possibly do on Earth! Surf vacations are the best!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.

  4. 4

    Have a fun trip! I’m jealous! I so need to go on a vacation. And I totally feel ya on that overpriced veggie burger thing. Most places around here use Boca patties, which I have at home and can prepare way better than the restaurants around here….yet they charge out the ass for it.

  5. 5

    orangepop said,

    Thanks for the great review and photos! Your meal looks and sounds tasty- I’m a sucker for good tempeh… does that mean the wrap wasn’t really “raw” because of the tempeh? Anyway, that’s GREAT about your up-coming trip AND your personal chef :) I’m so envious! You’ll also save some green if you go to the grocery store, instead of buying a $7 PB&J everyday!!! Have a blast and can’t wait to see pictures! HANG TEN!

  6. 6

    Maureen said,

    Orangepop, it actually wasnt a totally raw restaurant–it was like, raw-optional, I guess. I was kinda disappointed at that, I was really looking for a raw meal! But the non-raw options were so good that I had to indulge.

  7. 7

    shellyfish said,

    Mostly raw & gluten free? Geeze, I wish they had restaurants like that everywhere!! Your wrap looked fantastic!

  8. 8

    Aly said,

    The decor looks so vibrant!

  9. 9

    quarrygirl said,

    that cowboy wrap looks awesome. i really don’t mind paying extra money when you know the food is all prepared with quality healthy ingredients. if i’m ever up there, i will definitely check this place out.

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