Vegan Hiking Food

This past weekend I travelled to New England to hike the Presidential Range of mountains in New Hampshire. This was my first trip into the States this hiking season. Usually I go to Adirondacks in New York but something drew me to New Hampshire. I went with 8 other hikers from the Alpine Club of Canada. The drive through Vermont was lovely, tarnished only by the uproarious admission by my car-mates that they had (all!) smuggled fruits and veggies across the border. What. The. Hell.

Hiking burns about 500 cal/hour, and for long stretches on the trail, it’s important to pack lots of food and pack it well. I made a dozen sandwiches consising of baked tofu (marinated in soy & ginger salad dressing), soy cheese, and sweet thai chilli sauce on a bun.

I also packed 12 granola bars (seen above) and 8 apples (which I legitimately purchased in Vermont, unlike my obnoxiously felonious comrades).

Aside from tofu sandwiches, apples, and granola bars, there is a lot that the active vegan can pack for a hike. Unless you’re trying to create a calorie deficit (which is often the case), you may need to pack up to 5,000 calories/day. Packable fruits and veggies include oranges, carrots, peppers, avocados, broccoli, cauliflower, and potatoes. For long hikes, you can dehydrate certain fruits like pineapple, bananas, mangoes, apples, strawberries, and kiwis.

Additionally, Luna Bars, some Clif Bars, and random brands of granola bars are vegan, so check the labels. I find it’s easier to pack a dozen identical sandwiches because it saves money and stress, and packs well, but other ideas include: peanut butter or hummus on a pita, crackers, dry cereal, trail mix (although I personally think that hikers eat waaaay to much trail mix), raisins, wild rice, vegan cookies, fruit leather, or just any type of homemade sandwich using your favourite vegan protein.

Our group dinner the first night was fortuitously vegan—pasta and sauce. I co-ordinated dinner the second night, which was 6 different kinds of store bought curry (all vegetarian, two vegan), brown basmati rice, and naan. Unfortch I forgot to take a pic but here is a salad that another hiker made that night for the group:

The hikes were great—the storms lifted just in time on Saturday morning for us to scale Mt Madison and Mt Adams, and hike along the rocky ridge of Mt Jefferson. On Sunday we hiked a small mountain just to stretch our muscles back into shape. It was very challenging overall (I’m still sore!) but good practice for my Rockies trip in August. The views were incredible.

Happy Hiking!


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  1. 1

    Michael said,

    I wish I spent my weekend hiking through the New Hampshire wilderness…

    I don’t know what looks more delicious, those baked tofu and sweet Thai chili sauce mini-sandwiches or the view.

  2. 2

    Jonathan said,

    Wow! This really makes me want to go hiking. Eating a good meal in the middle of the wilderness……12 times over = perfection. Btw, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I burn 500 cal/hr delivering mail (damn houses with stairs).

  3. 3

    Aly said,

    Oh man, those sammiches look foine! Lovely photos too :)!

  4. 4

    those are some beautiful mountains.
    i recently travels to solvang california, in the santa barbara county… and the mountains are very similar… being a city girl i had never seen anything so up close and personal.. i considered staying there forever!! lol

  5. 5

    Taras said,

    I’ve been lucky enough to try Chef Maureen’s tofu sandwiches on some hikes.
    They pack well, and taste great ! (even after 3 days in a cooler :-)

  6. 6

    tasmia said,

    ahahaha “obnoxiously felonious comrades”! what a delightful phrase ;p

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