What’s for lunch?

Empidoids! Mmm dried flies… Just kidding. The only time I consume flies is when I accidentally inhale them (some of the specimens are quite small; I have to mount them under a microscope).

Clockwise from upper left corner: steelcut oats with apple and raisin, red grapes, honey dew melon, cold pasta salad (vegetable confetti pasta, fenugreek sprouts, watercress, sweet yellow pepper, white onion, cucumber and capers), raspberries and blueberries and Yoso blueberry soy yogurt.

The above photo is a somewhat typical example of the kind of packed lunch I bring to work. I usually eat the oatmeal and grapes in the morning, and the berries and soy yogurt in the afternoon. The cold pasta salad is not really typical of my packed lunches as I usually do not have time to make such a thing in the morning.

– Aly

PS The Granola Girl Cafe Project is back from the summer hiatus!


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  1. 1

    I cannot believe that you bring all those tasty things to work! I bring my sad tupperware and an apple :-(. Can I go work with you?

  2. 2

    great lunch. i never have to time to do my lunch, then again i do eat at culinary school, but for my job that is grand. tell us ur time secret!!

  3. 3

    Aly said,

    Alice: snacking is keeeeeey!!!

    delicious chronicles: I’ll get up an hour early to make sure I can properly feed myself at work ;). Eating at the caf is not an option due to my food allergies and their lack of healthy veg options.

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