Dinner at the Auld Dubliner

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend. I spent the last two days rollerblading, jogging, hiking, and of course, cooking! It needs to stay 22 degrees (Celcius) forever. Unfortunately, in Ottawa we have 8 months of bitter, frigid cold, 2 months of scorching heat, and 2 or 3 weeks of random (but sometimes pleasantly moderate) weather in between seasons.

On Friday night I went out for drinks and dinner with my friend Mike at the Auld Dubliner in the Byward Market. It was almost warm enough to sit on the patio, but ultimately, no dice. Anyway I had lots of fun and was very impressed by their menu as I had a number of options. I ultimately had a grilled veggie wrap with veggies and spiced wild rice. It was nothing I couldn`t make at home, but very satisfying for pub food: and for only $10!! And we each had a couple beers of course.

Either Thursday or Friday night I was desperate for some vanilla chai tea, but alas, my new apartment does not have a loose-leaf tea strainer. In despair, I improved with a length of cheesecloth:

Looks like a giant fluffy moth eh? The tea was weak but it worked!

Happy Memorial day to all our southern friends in the States! Enjoy your long weekend.



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    Jen said,

    I found an extra loose leaf tea strainer that my sister gave me. It’s ceramic and pretty, but kind of annoyingly clunky. You can have it if you want it!

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