Holy Guacamole

If you don’t live in Canada, go here.

Canadians are lucky enough to have access to the President’s Choice brand, which is marketed as a cheaper, more honest alternative to brand-name products, and is only found in select grocery stores. I am a hard scrutinizer of nurtitional and ingredient labels, and I’m a scientist, and I have always found PC products to be, as I said, honest about what they offer. Moreover, PC has always been insanely quick to market new, fresh, innovative low-cal vegan products that taste great and come at a fair price. For example, PC soy milk, which I started buying almost 8 years ago, is creamy, sweet, and delicious, but has only 80 cal/cup and is the cheapest one on the shelf at $3.49. And unlike other brands which rely on cheezy marketing schemes and cheap, unhealthy ingredients (like oh, I don’t know, a company that starts with K and rhymes with Braft), the good folks at PC seem genuinely interested in making wholesome products.

I came across PC Guacamole Seasoning Mix yesterday. It looks like a jar of salsa and contains all wholesome ingredients; no chemical voodoo. Just add 3 avocados to 3/4 cup mix et voila! Tastes like heaven.

Happy long weekend!



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  1. 1

    Romina said,

    Haha, I love the first line of this post. Glad I was born here, no immigration for me!!

    I loooove PC products. They’re so cheap, and they have a great organics line!

  2. 2

    Greg said,

    Just busting your balls Maureen and throwing in my two cents in — I feel President Choice is as a bad thing, although i do like Loblaws. ( pretty sure presidents choice is available in the states also btw ) They cut out the little guys. they are eseentialy the Wal-Mart of the food industry. I feel that smaller ( possibly better ) brand labels cant compete. This gives us less choice and discourages competitive quality ( raising the bar ). This doesn’t really have a lot to do with your article but I just don’t like PC.

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