Mother’s Day Baked Tofu

Okay, this baked tofu has nothing to do with Mother’s Day. In fact I made it yesterday.

Now, onto the evolution of baked tofu! I’ve been trying out different ways of avoiding Herb And Spice’s delicious yet expensive baked tofu slices.

Experiment 1
: Canola oil and Montreal Steak Spice

Experiment 2 (left)
: Marinade in half soy sauce, half water, plus a liberal splash of lemon juice, garlic powder, and Montreal Steak Spice.
Experiment 3 (right): Marinade in the new PC Blue Menu Soy and Ginger light salad dressing.

My favourite was Experiment 2.

Directions: Drain tofu. Marinade overnight. Bake at 350 for 20 mins.


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