Lunch with Marco

I made lunch for a omnivorous friend yesterday who was curious about the sorts of things I can eat with my allergies. I was quite nervous about this at first as I always want to leave my friends with a good impression of vegan fare! I ended up preparing roasted brussel sprouts, a salad and a pasta and mushroom combination:

It is going to be difficult, but not impossible, to get school stuff in to my photos now that the semester is over ;)!

I used the FFVK‘s fantastically simple and delicious roasted Brussels sprout recipe. The blob of hummus in the salad was also inspired by various FFVK posts. The pasta dish was a mixture of Eddie’s vegetable confetti pasta, shiitake mushrooms, fresh oregano, onion and various herbs and spices. It turned out pretty well!

On a distantly related note, I had the pleasure of going to a vegan brunch today (I wish I had had my camera!) where I was introduced to Yoso, a tasty soy yogurt which was definitely more palatable than any other soy yogurt that I have tried!

– Aly


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  1. 1

    Romina said,

    Feeding omnis is always hard, but it looks like yours was a success!

  2. 2

    Maureen said,

    Where did you buy the pasta? I haven’t seen that brand at Herb and Spice.

  3. 3

    Aly said,

    Thanks Romina :).

    Maureen, I think I may have purchased it from either Hartman’s, the Superstore or the NFP…

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