Indonesian Satay… in a snap

Whoo! I just finished my last undergrad exam EVER. I’m celebrating by not working on my thesis and posting on Mad About Udon. Go team procrastination!

I made Indonesian Satay last week for a birthday dinner. It was easy and delicious, mostly because I bought the sauce pre-made from a company called Sharwood’s. The sauce wasn’t labelled as vegan but a quick survey of ingredients showed that it is.

I boiled Shanghai noodles from Chinatown for about 5 mins, and rinsed and drained them.

I chopped up one red bell pepper, de-stringed two cups of snowpeas, and defrosted about 2 cups of frozen vegetable. The snowpeas and pepper were microwaved for 2 mins each first. This mixture was sauteed in the Satay sauce until the veggies were tender, about 15-20 mins.

I boiled some TVP chunks and then microwaved them in Satay sauce. Ordinarily I would cook the TVP with the veggies but as my dinner date was omni, we cooked our TVP and chicken separately.

Et voila! Yes, that’s a huge portion and I didn’t eat it all, but I was going for the best picture. It was delish.



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    Liz² said,

    ooh, that looks saucy and really good!

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