Curry in a hurry

In case our readers haven’t caught on, Alison is more of a make-it-from-scratch kind of eater than me. I don’t mind using vegan pre-made sauces in my recipes. In fact, my bottom line is not creativity and taste, but mostly economics. I love to spend $5-10 on ingredients and cook 12-15 portions. In fact I feel like I’m channelling my Eastern European grandmother circa WWII. Time is also a major prohibitive factor, since I have none. So I have to mention Glico Curry, a product which actually has honey so not all vegans may be able to eat this.

Glico is a Japanese curry. I buy it in Chinatown for $2.29/110g or $4.09/220 g. It comes as a clay block which you melt in water, et voila–curry sauce. I melt the 220g block, pour it over a large mixing bowl full of veggies, and portion this out into dishes of half curry mixture, half brown rice. At those proportions, it’s about 50 cents a meal, but a bit more if you add tofu which I usually don’t. It also freezes well. The perfect recipe for exam period!

Don’t be fooled my the murky brownness. It’s supremely delicious. Looking at these pics, I see that the missing ingredient is BEANS. I’ll be sure to add a can or two of black or kidney beans next time.



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