It’s bean awhile

Hi, blog-readers.

I just want to apologize for my prolonged absence from posting. My desktop (which, unike my laptop, “talks” to my digital camera) is full of f-bleeping viruses. I’ve got some good friends like Aly working on the case but unfortunately it’s a huge problem at the moment that I just don’t have the time to deal with. So I’m working from my laptop, whic is f-bleeping slow because Bill Gates is a jerk and Vista is a piece of crap… but ANYWAY…

I do have some pics that I either already had on my photobucket or were taken on another person’s camera. I actually have 9 or 10 amazing vegan photos on my camera (quinoa! steel cut oats! japanese curry! carrot raisin celery salad!) that I can’t wait to share, but because of my little computer problem that take be a couple weeks.

Bean “muffin” from Chinatown bakery in Boston. It was a doughy pastry that they said was dairy- and egg-free, filled with red bean paste (my favourite!) and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

YUM! This is my favourite new dish! It’s just a very basic, very fresh salsa. Dice 1 tomato, then add diced cilantro and jalepeno pepper to taste (I use tons of the former, and trace amount of the latter; it’s actually fine w/o the jalepeno). Serve with a 99c bag of nachos–the perfect size. I can pick up these ingredients on the way home from school/work and have it ready in 5 minutes. Thanks Matt for the recipe.

I recently turned 23 two weeks ago and I had one wish: vegan cupcakes. And not just a couple–LOTS! So I was pleased as punch to receive several batches in the week leading up to my b-day. Vegan cupcakes are amazing, and I spread the love around campus by giving them to friends and co-workers. Picture is the, er, trial batch of chocolate cupcakes (recipe here). The vanilla cupcakes, not pictured, we also divine (recipe here). In this picture, I’m actually lying in bed, wolfing down cupcakes. Ahh, good times.

Please keep visiting Mad About Udon even though we’re a bit slow to update!


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    i wish i had tried one of those vegan bean “muffins” before I left Boston for sunny LA! it looks soo good!~

  2. 2

    oatmeal said,

    Aww, I have a very slow laptop too…and it drives me insane because every move I make causes the screen to freeze over for a few seconds…ugh But I don’t have Windows Vista–which a lot of people seem to be getting for their computers~
    And the bean muffin looks delicious! I haven’t had those in ages…but alas, I live in a city that has only one asian restaurant which serves over-greased foods..:(

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