A million and one salads

I have not posted in the last week as it seems like I have been exclusively eating salad following a demotion from girlfriend to friend. Here are a few products of my salad fixation:

#1: Lentil Salad

Ingredients: shredded lettuce, grated carrot, cubed tomato, chopped green and white onion, chopped yellow pepper, green lentils, capers, sesame seeds, and a white wine vinaigrette. This salad was inspired by the (best Ethiopian restaurant in Ottawa) East African Restaurant‘s awesome Azifa.

#2: Quinoa & Tofu Salad

Ingredients: shredded lettuce, quinoa, corn, baked tofu, grated carrot, finely sliced white onion, capers, sauerkraut and red wine vinaigrette.

#3: Cold Noodle & Spinach Salad

Ingredients: rainbow vegetable spiral noodles, baked tofu, grated parsnip, baby spinach, coarsely chopped onion, chopped yellow pepper, minced garlic and white wine vinaigrette.

#4: Fruit Salad

Ingredients: one orange, one banana, frozen raspberries, raisins and cinnamon. (Being allergic to most raw fruits makes spontaneous fruit salads quite the challenge.)

Thankfully my appetite has begun to return as I finally started running! I never really understood how great it was until I was capable of running for longer than 15 minutes. Interested in starting? Check this site and others out for more information and most importantly, just get out there and do it!

– Aly


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  1. 1

    Romina said,

    Beautiful salads! It’s incredible how creative you can get when it comes to salads. There’s no rules, so the creative juices can just flow! I love your combinations. =) I’ve never had lentils in a salad, but it must taste fantastic.

  2. 2

    Maureen said,

    ZOMG, seriously amazing. Where would the Centretown dweller pick up quinoa? I’m interested in one of the FFVK quinoa dishes.

  3. 3

    Aly said,

    Thank you, Romina! The green lentils were a subtle but interesting taste addition! It is a great way to get more protein in to a salad :)! I got the idea from a wonderful Ethiopian restaurant which serves a delightful lentil-based salad dish called Azifa.

    Thank you, Maureen! I picked my quinoa up from The Herb & Spice. It is available in bulk at the H&S and at the NFP. I think that it may also be available at Hartman’s in their “organic/health food” section near the other grains. :)

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