Beloved frozen vegetables: I christen you… FroVeg

It’s always good to keep a couple bags of frozen vegetables in the freezer for a busy weekend. This past weekend, I only managed to pick up a jar of pasta sauce (I was at Shoppers…weird how they sell food now, eh?) and so using that, my FroVeg supply, and some crafty scavenging, I threw together 2 enormous pots of food.

One thing first. I just want to get it out there that I do not recognize cauliflower as a legitimate entity. I don’t see the point of its consumption. It’s flavourless, colourless, nutritionally void, and makes a gross squooshing noise when you eat it. Yuck. I advocate full avoidance…. unless it ends up in your FroVeg mix.

Jasmine scented rice with black beans and FroVeg

Indredients: Jasmine rice, TVP chunks boiled in veg stock, 1 bag of FroVeg, and a can of black beans.

TVP chunks, sometimes marketed as Soya Slices, are a delicious foodstuff–chewy and nutty, and heavily absorbent. This is what they look like while cooking:

Add the rest of the ingredients….

Pasta in tomato sauce with FroVeg and tofu

Again, pretty simple.

Ingredients: leftover dried pasta (rotini, ziti, casarecce), sauteed tofu, FroVeg, and roasted red pepper pasta sauce.

Yum! In total I made about 15 meals, and I only spent $3!

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  1. 1

    your cat is soooo cute! and your fried tofu looks professional! mine never comes out that well.. i always stare in asian restaurants in disbelief.

  2. 2

    Jen said,

    what a little monkey.

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