Cold pasta salads

My latest obsession is cold pasta salads with honey dijon dressing. I got the idea for honey dijon as a pasta-salad dressing from “The 3, 4, and 5-ingredient cookbook” My first attempt tasted as amazing as it looks!

I used organic multicoloured rotiti (coloured with beets, spinach, and tomato) and threw in liberal amounts of snow peas, red and orange peppers, bean sprouts, carrots, baby corn, cucumber, olives, capers, and grilled tofu. For the dressing I used PC Blue Menu Honey Dijon dressing. YUM!

I made the same thing the next week, except instead of multicoloured rotini I used spinach linguine, which wasn’t so fun since the dressing made the noodles slippery. For the next batch I used a mixture of whole-wheat rotini and traditional bronze-cut pastas (fusilli corti bucati and casarecce) and also changed the vegetables up a bit:

I threw in olivers, capers, cucumber, snow peas, and tofu as before, but also added purply (?) lettuce and tomatoes.

And the best part of cooking on this scale…

… is all the tasty, healthy lunches always ready to be packed in my schoolbag!


Just a note on the cookbook, “The 3, 4, and 5-ingredient cookbook”, and why I don’t really like it. It’s good for ideas to add pizazz to other recipes, but on it’s own, there’s nothing really worth making. Actually, there are a LOT of meat dishes that I skipped over so maybe that’s not true. Anyway, it’s filled with beautiful pictures of food dishes that obviously contain more than the 3-5 ingredients listed in the corresponding recipe. And the most annoying part is that most recipes have a pre-made foodstuff in there. For example, a package of frozen cookie dough, a loaf of French bread, refrigerated crescent dinner rolls. And the “recipe” is just adding obvious ingredients to those products, like adding chocolate chips to the cookie dough and *ta-da* you’ve just followed the whole recipe!


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    Aly said,

    Oh man… That was some goooooood stuff!

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